01 Transforming Home's Heart

Kitchen Remodeling

Looking for a high-quality kitchen renovation in Portland at mid-market price? We are here to help you create the kitchen you've wanted to enhance the quality of your life!

The kitchen is the soul of the house; a natural gathering place for meals and entertainment. 

If you don't feel comfortable with your kitchen, then consider the benefits of a kitchen remodel project to improve your personal kitchen space. We offer full-service kitchen remodeling options, including cabinetry, tile, counter tops, appliance upgrades, and more.

02 Planning & Modern Design

We help you customize your kitchen remodel project to match your needs. During your consultation we will talk about your goals, then put together a plan that matches your budget.

03 Materials & Products

Budget Experts

We have worked together with a broad range of vendors to negotiate great prices for you. We can help you source all styles from standard mid-grade materials to high-end and modern finishes.

The kitchen cabinets can be designed using a variety of cabinet lines from the leading manufacturers in the industry. You can also choose from some of the best countertop materials, including granite, quartz, concrete, wood, and more.

When we are sourcing the materials, we always focus on quality, so there is peace of mind to know that you will receive long-lasting results.