Garage Conversion

A garage conversion is one of the speediest and most affordable routes to adding floor space: a typical scheme creating a new home office or playroom.

Since your garage is already standing and may even be partially insulated, becomes a remodel project that will only require a few modifications and can be performed for a lot less than you think.

02 Planning & Sourcing Materials

Our fully licensed and insured experts handle everything from permitting through construction. We never take shortcuts, and only use the best materials, offering lifetime protection to ensure satisfaction. After everything is complete, we make sure your home is clean and tidy

03 Experienced Consultation

We Portray
Your Ideas

During your consultation, we will take your ideas to create a unique, but practical way to transform your freestanding or attached garage into the space of your dreams. While detached garages are ideal for game rooms, man caves, gyms, and guest houses; attached garages are great for garage extensions or room additions. All you have to do is think of some garage conversion ideas and our experts will do the rest.