How Much Does it Cost to Remodel a Bathroom?

May 10

Whether you are a homeowner or someone who flips houses, it is no doubt that the bathroom is one of the essential elements that make a house truly a home with the comfort it brings as you obey the call of nature in peace and quiet. It is a well-known fact that over time, damages will eventually accumulate and this is why a lot of homeowners usually invest in remodeling their bathrooms.

How much are we talking about?

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Contrary to a common misconception, remodeling is not just merely changing the faucet or the toilet seat.

It goes deeper than that as the entire piping and hydraulic system is being rewired. This can seem overwhelming for those who only wish to see the physical changes but here’s an illustrative breakdown to see where your money goes:

An average of 15% each is allocated to the necessary structural factors such as hardware, plumbing, fixtures, and installation. That alone comprises 60% of the total work in progress. The rest goes to changing the physical look such as the countertop, lighting, walls, windows, and flooring.

The architectural design seems to go even more avant-garde as the years go by as a lot of designers are very keen on making their own mark by creating elaborate ideas that go even more sophisticated. While this is very idealistic and a dream come true for most of us, it is just as important to consider the availability of the materials that are within your budget to make sure you don’t go overboard.

You can always beautify your home without breaking the bank and by making sure that your materials such as the doors, countertops, and ceilings are at par with your taste. A pro tip on this one is to wait for sales from your hardware store to get the best deal you can get but remember to always choose quality over quantity.


Take It Slow: One at a Time

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The total cost may intimidate you and that’s normal considering that not everyone has a spare grand to spend. Fortunately, remodeling your bathroom is not one big step – you can always take one step at a time and make the necessary changes. This may mean fixing the plumbing system first before purchasing the light you’ve always wanted with the help of your professional contractor.

There is no specific rule on how you want to go about it but as a suggestion, you can have a crew work on a few tasks in one working day so you can save on labor costs instead of completing the task on different occasions.


Brace Yourself

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A bathroom remodeling is not convenient at all especially when you have to use it frequently and a room full of debris isn’t a safe place to go. Did we mention the constant noise brought about the drilling and hammering? Yes, that too. This is where planning ahead surely lends a helping hand to guide you through distress. One of the most basic things to do is to locate or have an alternative bathroom near the construction ahead. Moreover, it also pays to have your crew present a timetable of the entire project duration so you can anticipate the changes and plan your schedule around it. This also gives you time to orient your family on the changes so they can adjust accordingly.